The Movement

   Embracing the upcoming Fall season, SS23, we're thrilled to announce our partnership with “Save the Children Mexico” to make a meaningful difference.


Poverty is a harsh reality for many children in Mexico, and it's a cycle that often seems unbreakable. With over half of the country's child population living in poverty, these young souls face barriers that limit their potential and dreams .


We will donate money with every item purchased, Our mission stems from the profound understanding that fashion can be a powerful catalyst for positive change. Barajas Project , which is a Hispanic-led brand is committed to making a tangible difference. With every purchase you make from any collection, You're igniting a movement to dismantle the suffocating cycle of poverty that ensnares so many young minds. In a world where over half of Mexico's children grapple with the burdens of poverty, we've set out to break the unyielding cycle, one piece at a time. our commitment doesn't stop at fashion.


We are in the process of creating our very own foundation that will focus exclusively on supporting the unique needs of children facing adversity and make their dreams possible. While we work diligently to establish this foundation, we have joined forces with “Save the Children Mexico” to ensure immediate assistance reaches those who need it.


Join us in shaping a world where every kids dreams are nurtured and their potential is unlimited . Thank you for being an integral part of Barajas Project's mission to create a more equitable world and a brighter tomorrow.